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Is Paying Your Mortgage Bi-Weekly or Monthly a Better Option for You

bi weekly1If you have a mortgage, you’re probably looking for the best option to pay it off. Monthly mortgage payments are an easy-to-manage way to pay for your house – in fact, they’re the most common form of mortgage payment – but now, many homeowners are discovering that biweekly payments offer them better results.

So is a biweekly payment the better option for you? Which payment strategy best fits your individual circumstances? Here’s what you need to know.

Biweekly Payments: Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster and Save on Interest

Biweekly payments are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. With a biweekly payment, you’ll pay less money in total interest payments over the course of the whole mortgage, and you’ll pay your mortgage off faster. Biweekly payments also make it bi weekly2easier to budget for your mortgage because they coincide with your paycheck, and the biweekly payment system forces you to make extra payments toward your principal.

That said, biweekly payments also have some disadvantages. If you’ve bought a home at the very top tier of what you can afford, you might not have the budget flexibility for extra payments. Your lender may also force you to pay a $300 setup fee or a processing fee for each payment.

Monthly Payments: Easier to Afford for Large Homes

bi weekly3Paying your mortgage off on a monthly basis has long been the standard, for a variety of reasons – for instance, most homeowners are typically more comfortable with monthly payments as they were the norm during the owner’s years as a renter. It may also be easier to manage monthly payments if you work as an independent contractor and don’t always get paid every two weeks.

Monthly mortgage payments are more affordable for owners of larger homes, which typically come with larger mortgages. A monthly payment schedule also means you make one less payment per year, and for those on a strict budget, this can help to make the daily necessities of life more affordable.

Monthly mortgage payments were once the expected norm, but now, a lot of homeowners are choosing to make biweekly payments in order to pay off their mortgages faster and better budget their money. Monthly payments still remain though for various reasons.

If you have any questions regarding home mortgages or other advice about selling your home, feel free to call me directly at 215-519-1399.



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Pre-Holiday Weekend Events in Bucks County

Checkout some of these Pre-Holiday events happening this weekend in Bucks County.weekend events

• November 20 - Santa Claus himself switches on the outdoor holiday season at Peddler’s Village’s Grand Illumination event! Enjoy free cider and a marshmallow toast as you visit the shops for holiday giving. Then, see the houses from the Gingerbread Competition and Display showcased throughout the holiday season!

• November 20 - Celebrate Washington Crossing Historic Park’s fall concert series with the ensemble as they perform an energetic medley of Prohibition-era jazz, French gypsy swing-waltz and Brazilian Bossa nova. The performance kicks off in the park’s Riverview Room. A cash bar will be available. All proceeds benefit the park’s annual Christmas Day Crossing reenactment.

• November 21 - Capture the excitement of Christmas from a child’s point of view with the Mercer Museum’s Under the Tree: A Century of Holiday Trees and Toys. This annual holiday exhibit features trees decorate to the tastes of earlier eras with some popular toys and games from the Victorian era through the 1980s.

• November 21-December 27 - Watch Sesame Place® be transformed into a one-of-a-kind Christmas wonderland with millions of twinkling lights, festive decorations and whirling rides during A! Have a blast in the new Cookie’s Monster Land featuring five rides, a three-story net climb and soft toddler play area. Guests will enjoy special Christmas shows, savory menus, super holiday shopping and a visit with Santa!

• November 24-January 4 - Come celebrate the 10th year of the Bucks County Holiday Tree Fest at the Bucks County Visitor Center in Bensalem! Visitors and residents are invited to take in the spirit of the holidays with 25 uniquely themed trees on display. Stop by and vote for your favorite!

**Courtesy of

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Why A Real Estate Agent is Your Best Choice for a Home Valuation

valuations2The housing market is tough, and the competition is fierce. Being aware of how much a home is worth before putting it on the market can save money, time, and frustration. For this reason, it’s wise to hire a professional real estate agent.

Real Estate Agents Know the Market

Understandably, it would save money to skip the real estate agent all together and do a For Sale by Owner transaction. One thing homeowners may not realize is the amount of work involved with selling a home. Without knowing property value, owners may charge too much for their homes. Over priced homes often sit on the market without as much as a nibble.

Real estate agents know how all about property trends, how to research the market, and how to find the best value for a home.  Thus, they can price homes competitively to entice potential buyers instead of scaring them away.

They Know How Make a Home More Appealing To Potential Buyers

Homeowners should make sure their homes are clean and clutter free before listing them on the market. Also, a real estate agent may even suggest hiring a home stager.valutions3

A professional stager can do wonders for helping to sell home fast by increasing its appeal to attract as many potential buyers as possible. Staging a house allows for a higher closing price and staged homes tend to sell an average of 81 percent faster.

Real Estate Agents Know How to Find the Right Buyers

It isn’t enough to list a home, put up for sale signs and hope the right buyer appears. Real estate agents conduct a screening process for potential buyers. With the knowledge of a home’s actual market value, the agent is armed with all the information he or she needs to get the most money. If necessary, the home valuation will allow the agent to negotiate fairly.

Yes, it’s true, not all real estate agents are created equal. But, the truth is, not utilizing the expertise and wisdom of a good real estate agent is just asking for trouble. In fact, cutting out a real estate agent may waste both time but money. When deciding to sell a home, homeowners should ask for referrals from trusted friends and family and consult professional organizations like National Association of Realtors (NAR). Homeowners should contact a professional real estate agent today for information on home valuations.

If you have any questions regarding home valuations, mortgages or other advice about selling your home, feel free to call me directly at 215-519-1399.






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As fall fades away and the winter weather approaches, Bucks County has just what you need to stay warm and get ready for the holidays. From festivals featuring everything apple to dazzling holiday light displays, there are plenty of reasons to explore the countryside this month.

For more fun planning ideas this month, be sure to check out our calendar of events or our Holiday Winter Happenings!early nov1

• November 4-22 - Join Bristol Riverside Theatre for “Mountain: The Journey of Justice Douglas,” the story of William O. Douglas, one of the most accomplished and controversial justices ever to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. Directed by Susan D. Atkinson and starring Keith Baker, learn about how Douglas struggled to find the meaning of his life.

• November 6-21 - See Kris Kringle, an old man in a retirement home, get a job working as Santa for Macy’s during the Town and Country Players presentation of Miracle on 34th Street. Find out what happens after Kris unleashes waves of good will on customers, even as he’s seen as deluded and dangerous.

November 14 - Step back in time and celebrate Fall Fling at Historic. This historic and beautiful “Village That Time Forgot” is the perfect backdrop to your fall festivities! The evening starts with a cocktail hour followed by a delectable buffet and an auction early nov2immediately following.

• November 15 - Join Sand Castle Winery for the annual Bonfire! Sample barbecue style food with Alpine Spice wine. The winery will also be offering full tastings.

• November 18 - Enjoy a taste of Crossing Vineyards’ award-winning wines while learning how to create the perfect fall flower arrangement during A Rose by Any Other Name. Take something beautiful home and learn a little bit more about wine, too! Reservations include tasting, floral materials and instruction.

**Courtesy of

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How to Impress Potential Buyers in a Last Minute Home Showing

open house1The idea of impressing potential buyers can be a matter rife with stress, but there are a few things you can do before a viewing to ensure your home is seen in the best light.
If you’ve recently put your house on the market and you’re looking for some fast and easy fix-ups, here are a handful of ways you can be sure to create a positive first impression.

It’s all about the Smellopen house2
It may seem like purchasing a home is all about appearance, but you shouldn’t underestimate the power of scent when it comes to the overall impact of your home viewing. Instead of leaving this invisible factor up to chance, consider giving the house a quick spray with a pleasant scent or even baking something that will be sure to remind potential buyers of the familiar comforts of home.

Take Away the Family Portraits
While it won’t be necessary to clear away everything of personal value, a large number of photographs in the home can actually remind potential homebuyers that it’s not their home and may make them feel like they’re a visitor in a place they want to live. By removing the photos that adorn the fridge and the side tables, you can eliminate distractions for potential homebuyers and keep them focused on what the home might come to mean for house3

Clear Away Any Clutter
This might seem like the most common sense of points, but it’s very important that your house is clean so that viewers can see your home in its best light and will easily be able to imagine themselves living in it. While it’s important for giving your house the best possible presentation, it will also make your house look more spacious than it would with a lot of unkempt clutter.

Highlight Your Favorite Features
open house4With potential home buyers viewing a lot of different houses, having a few key features in your home that will help it stand out from the pack can be a definite benefit. Whether you have a fabulous Jacuzzi in the master bathroom or unique kitchen tiles that you installed yourself, ensuring that these features are noticed may help your home stick in the mind of its viewers.

Showing your home can be stressful, but a few quick tips can ensure a successful showing with potential buyers. If you need other ideas that will help impress potential buyers with showing your home talk to a local real estate agent.

If you have any questions about buying a new home, or are selling your home and need advice on staging tips for your home, feel free to call me directly at 215-519-1399.



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When fall turns temperatures cooler, warm up with a glass of Bucks County wine. The wineries of the Bucks County Wine Trail craft seasonal wines, enhanced with hints of fall flavors and spices that can be served chilled or warmed. Buy a bottle to enjoy at home or to share with friends at a holiday gathering. seasonal wine1

• Celebrate the fall harvest with a glass of Apple Wine from Crossing Vineyards & Winery. This fall favorite gives you a taste of freshly pressed Granny Smiths with hints of honey and butterscotch. Also, try the Chocolate Cherry Truffle, a full-flavored Port-style wine that blends dark chocolate with black cherry, ripe plum and toasted oak.

• Spice up your wine collection with a bottle of Alpine Spice from Sand Castle Winery. The wine’s blend of herbs and spices pairs perfectly with smoked meats and cheeses, as well as a slice of apple pie.

• The mixture of cloves and cinnamon in a bottle of Holiday Spice from Buckingham Valley Vineyards creates the perfect flavor for the holiday season. Have a glass by the fire to warm up on a chilly autumn night. For something a little different, try Nouveau, a young, semi-dry red that is only available from November to January.seasonal wine2

Rose Bank Winery serves up apple pie in a bottle with their award-winning Mulled Apple fruit wine. Fermented apple juice that’s sweetened and blended with spices makes this seasonal wine perfect for a fall evening. Buy a bottle of the ever-popular Chocolate Orange Port for the holidays and enjoy the taste with your favorite candy dessert.

• Try a bottle of New Hope Winery’s Holiday Spiced wine, a fruity red wine enhanced with natural spice flavors. If cherries are more your style, taste test a bottle of Cherry. Made with real dark cherries, it goes great with vanilla ice cream.

Peace Valley Winery offers two wines only available in months with an “R”. For a hearty red wine, try their Spice wine, made with a stimulating blend of spices. If apple flavors are more your thing, sample the Spiced Apple. With an added kick of cinnamon flavor to their regular Blushed Apple, this wine will warm you on even the coldest days. seasonal wine 3

• Made from sugar and spice, a bottle of Everything Nice from Wycombe Vineyards is the perfect wine for the holiday season. Enjoy a bouquet of warm apple pie when you serve this wine with a scoop of ice cream!

Photo of Crossing Vineyard & Winery courtesy of Anthony Sinagoga Photography
Photos of New Hope Winery, courtesy of Anthony Sinagoga Photography
Article courtesy of


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Shopping for a New Mortgage without Hurting Your Credit Score

credit1It’s difficult to begin shopping around for a new mortgage without the facts on how this can affect your FICO score.

Anybody who is holding off for fear that their credit score will be ruined by multiple credit checks has nothing to worry about. Mortgage brokers require this information to give an accurate quote, so many credit checks by different companies will have a miniscule effect on credit scores.

The system has been designed this way because a mortgage is not considered to be ‘bad debt’ by lenders and consumers should have the right to shop around without fear of their credit being destroyed by it.

Understanding the ‘Tiers’ Of Credit Checks

FICO scores are affected each time a credit inquiry is requested to check a borrower’s credit report. This makes sense, as every time somebody searches for new credit they increase their ability to acquire significant debt.credit2

Thankfully, not all credit checks are created equal and they do not affect FICO scores in the same way. A mortgage loan is not considered remotely close to store credit cards, which allow a person to get into more debt. Debts on mortgages only get lower as time goes on, ranking them very low on the list of things lenders consider bad credit.

The One Thing to Know Before Shopping For a New Mortgage

credit3Every time a credit card company or consumer loan company pulls a credit check, the borrower’s FICO score will fall, but this will not happen when multiple mortgage lenders pull the same person’s credit score.

This is because each credit card has the chance to accumulate debt, whereas only one mortgage will be taken out. So once a mortgage lender pulls your credit score, you will only receive one ‘ding’ even if other lenders pull your score afterwards.

Here is the important part: there is only a 14-day window from the first credit check where all other credit inquiries will be ignored. So it is imperative to plan ahead and shop around within a two week period to limit the impact on your FICO score.

Shopping around when looking for a new mortgage is a necessary step to getting the best possible deal, and thankfully the system is designed around not punishing people for doing this.

If you have any questions regarding home mortgages or other advice about selling your home, feel free to call me directly at 215-519-1399.


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Haunted Lodging in Bucks County

Looking for some spooky fun this Halloween Weekend maybe spend the night at a haunted Inn or Hotel.

Bucks County’s rich historical past has left behind some chilling haunted tales at its various historic attractions and lodging venues. Could it be that many of the inns’ house guests never checked out? We encourage travelers to experience a hair-raising slumber at one of

haunted inn2

the county’s most haunted locations… if you dare:

• Spend an eerie night in Room Six of the Logan Inn. It has been rumored to house four individual ghosts, each with their own unique tale. The female ghost likes to linger while you sleep. The male ghost likes to appear in the bathroom mirror and the two children enjoy
waking you up with their chilling cries. Smell lavender? That usually means one of the spirits is near.

Black Bass Hotel’s revamped exterior cannot hide the remnants of its chilling past. Previous owner of the hotel, Hans, met his demise during a squabble with canal workers. It is said that Hans’s ghost still hangs around the Empire Room in the hotel. The hotel has recently undergone a beautiful renovation and is open to overnight and dining guests.

haunted inn2


Wedgwood Inn Bed & Breakfast was once a part of the Underground Railroad and housed many runaway slaves during the 19th century. It is believed that a 12-year-old ex-slave, Sarah, still takes refuge at the inn. Her ghost has appeared at numerous occasions to various 12-year-old girls visiting the inn telling her story of slavery and escape.

*Photo of Logan Inn, courtesy of Mandee Kuenzel
**Photo of Wedgwood Inn, courtesy of Wedgwood Inn
***Article courtesy of


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3 Mobile Apps That Will Help Make Your Next Move Much Easier

Moving is stressful. Don’t worry. There is an app for that. Technology makes moving easier than ever. Here are three mobile apps that help sellers manage their moves efficiently and with minimum stress.

Move Advisor App

app2First on the list is Move Advisor. This app not only received top reviews from users, it is free. The easy-to-use interface walks sellers through the moving process with four features.

Move Advisor provides users with a comprehensive moving timeline, a home inventory checklist, a moving company locator, and a moving quote.

The moving timeline lets users put in their moving date and any other information. The app then creates a personalized to do list. Each week is broken down into tasks to ease stress and prevent last minute panic.

The home inventory helps itemize the household. The app allows users to easily map out their homes room by room. The app keeps track of what needs to be moved, the volume and weight of the shipment, and how many boxes, furniture blankets, and moving vehicles are needed to move.

Finding a mover is easy with this app. It provides a list of local movers and quotes to make the selection process stress free.

My Move App

app3My Move is another free app that streamlines the moving process. It focuses on informing users about what to expect from a move, finding a moving company, and properly organizing the move.

Information is invaluable. The app provides access to blogs about moving as well as an in-depth article about what to expect from a move on the app homepage.

The professional relocation assistance searches the top moving companies by state or name and includes reviews to help users make informed decisions. The quote process is as easy as a few taps of a finger. The relocation checklist is easily customized and straightforward, simplifying the packing process.

State Farm Move Tools App

app4State Farm insurance company offers a highly interactive and visually appealing moving app designed to provide organizational assistance during the move. It comes with a to-do list, a packing tool, a label tool, an inventory, and many helpful moving tips.

Moving is easy with these three apps. Simplify the moving process by downloading one or all today. For more useful tips, contact a real estate agent for professional advice about moving, buying, and selling a home.

If you have any questions regarding home mortgages or other advice about selling your home, feel free to call me directly at 215-519-1399.



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The Village that Time Forgot Historic – Fallinsington PA

Long a way point in the history of American development and now hard by the pressures of modern suburbia, Fallsington PA has become The Village that Time Forgot.

Nestled in the southeastern corner of Pennsylvania, just north of Philadelphia, at the falls of the Delaware River, the Village had retained its 18th Century character as a seat of Quaker living, worship, and commerce, until the early 1950’s.  Then development in the fallsingtonadjacent Levittown and Fairless Hills threatened to end that forever. Historic Fallsington, Inc. was formed to protect the heritage of the Village.

The three hundred year old Village of Fallsington today represents an enduring Quaker community and an architectural heritage that is uniquely American. Today, Meetinghouse Square appears as it did almost 200 years ago. Historic meeting houses and commercial and residential buildings have been restored and intrusive development has been stayed. At the same time, Historic Fallsington is part of the fabric of Lower Bucks County. Fallsington is a living community of 17th through 20th century homes of varying architectural styles and a small number of other buildings that represents the march of time through the last two hundred years. Fallsington is important today not because it was the site of world-shaking events or the home of famous people but because it has survived to tell its story.

Stand in the Square and gaze at a vista largely unchanged for scores of years. Join one of the tours of the buildings preserved and protected by Historic Fallsington. Observe the graceful way in which this small, unspoiled spot dovetails with the surrounding communities.

This Sunday October 25, 2015 is The Spirits of the Past Tours you will experience the unimaginable, ghostly visitations and tales from the past! Meet a host of village spirits from the 18th century as you are Lantern-led through the historic village of Fallsington. The tours Begin at 6:00 p.m. at the Gillingham Store, 4 Yardley Avenue, going out every 15 minutes, last tour offered is at 8:00 p.m. There is limited space for the tours and only prepaid tickets. Adults are $7.00 and Children 12 and under are $3.00.
Call 215-295-6567.

**Courtesy of

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