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How Does Your Yardley or Newtown Work Commute Compare To Other Cities?

Average Commute Times In The US, By County

So how does your commute compare with national averages?

I believe that one of the reasons that our real estate market in Yardley, Newtown and the rest of Bucks County has not suffered as drastically as markets in other parts of the country, is becuase there are so many centers of employment that are commutable from Bucks County.

For example, I have many friends who commute to Philadelphia, and others who commute to New York.  If you live in Yardley, your commute into New York represents a total travel time of about 90 minutes  or so, door to door.  Certainly not an easy commute, but thousands of people do it.

Philadelphia is not quite as far, and is also very commutable. 

Our economy in Bucks County, is also not really tied to any one industry in particluar.  Having a diversified economic base, also helps to protect us from sharp declines in a specific industry.

As part of the Census Bureau’s data collection activities from 2005-2009, a number of interesting charts have been published at http://census.gov.

The data should not be confused with Census 2010 — a separate survey conducted every 10 years. This is the first-ever, 5-year American Community Survey. Based on data from 3 million households, it details social, economic, housing, and demographic data “for every community in the nation“.

Among the surveys:

  • Median Household Income, Inflation-Adjusted To 2009 Dollars (Chart)
  • Median Housing Value Of Owner-Occupied Housing Units (Chart)
  • Percent Of Households That Are Married, With Children Under 18 (Chart)

The ACS survey also charts average commute time by county. The chart is shown at top.

Whether you live in a “long commute” town like Richmond, NY (40 minutes), or a “short commute” town like King, TX (3.4 minutes), rising gas prices have made commute times and distances relevant to everyone.

Since the start of 2011, the average price for gasoline is higher by 54 cents per gallon. Assuming 22 miles per gallon on a passenger car, that’s an increase of 2.5 cents of gasoline per mile driven in the last 90 days. It’s a cost that adds up quickly, and can affect a household budget. Plan for higher pump prices moving forward, too. Historically, gas prices surge between April and June.

The American Community Survey is loaded with charts and data. It can tell you a lot about your current neighborhood, and any neighborhood to which you may want to relocate. Then, to bridge the ACS data with community details such as school performance and typical home prices, talk to a real estate professional.

Check out the commuting chart, and see where your commute rates, compared with national averages.  I am pretty spoiled, since I live about 5 minutes from my office, so my commute to my Yardley office, is a breaze.  My wife works in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, but even that represents about a 15 minute commute.

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